Gold Plated Jewellery

The shimmering beauty of gold jewellery is hard to deny. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the price of solid gold items, – and cheaper sterling silver pieces lack the same luxurious feel that gold has.

Luckily, you can get the best of both worlds with high-quality gold plated jewellery from Dahabi Jewellery. Durable, budget-friendly, and absolutely gorgeous, our gold plated products will help you shine during both special occasions and simple everyday endeavours.

gold plated jewellery
gold plated jewellery
gold plated jewellery

Gold Plated Education

What You Need to Know

Gold plated jewellery is not made of solid gold. Instead, it presents a sterling silver or other metal base covered by a layer of 14K, 16K, or 18K gold through an electrochemical or purely chemical plating process. As a result, you can enjoy a rich colour and feel that gold has to offer, at a much more affordable price.

However, it is important to remember that not all gold plated jewellery is made the same. Some retailers sell low-priced jewellery made of a bad alloy or even plastic. Such pieces will not last long and can even cause a severe allergic reaction when worn. As such, you should only purchase gold plated jewellery from trusted suppliers like Dahabi Jewellery.

Why Choose Gold Plated Jewellery from Dahabi?

Jewellery is the perfect present for any occasion. At Dahabi Jewellery, we offer a wide selection of premium-quality 14K, 16K, and 18K gold plated earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces that will impress even the pickiest of shoppers. Here is why you should choose to shop with us:

Affordable Prices

Gold plated jewellery is significantly more affordable as compared to solid gold. This means that you can make yourself or your loved one a gift without breaking the bank.

Expensive Look

While being budget-friendly, our gold plated jewellery doesn’t lose to solid gold in terms of appearance. To the untrained eye, it looks just like solid gold, with all of its class and elegance.

Endless Design Possibilities

At Dahabi, we carry hundreds of gold plated items to meet any style and to suit any occasion. Stay up to date with the latest trends or choose a timeless piece to wear for years to come.

Just the Right Balance

While 24K gold plating may have a higher content of gold, it is too soft to withstand daily wear and tear. We choose to work with 14K, 16K, or 18K gold plating, which suits better for gold-plated jewellery.

Unparalleled Durability

Gold is a very malleable and soft material. Plating gold on top of a harder and stronger metal is a great way to create a more durable item without sacrificing the beauty of solid gold.



Looking beautiful doesn’t have to break the bank. With high-quality gold plated jewellery from Dahabi Jewellery, you can enjoy affordable, carefully-crafted pieces for years to come.