Dahabi Jewellery: Stunning, Affordable, Everlasting.

While our main office is located in Toronto, Canada, we are happy to deliver our jewellery across North America, wherever you are. 

Jewellery Innovators

Who We Are

Founded by three sisters, Dahabi Jewellery is a family-owned business dedicated to providing beautiful, high-quality, and, most importantly, budget-friendly jewellery products to customers in Canada and the United States. We are firm believers that quality jewellery should be worn far beyond red carpet events, fancy dinners, and elaborate occasions. As such, our passionate team works restlessly to make everyday jewellery stylish enough to be worn on a day-to-day basis and for long periods of time.

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Dedication to excellence

Our Commitment

At Dahabi Jewellery Inc., we are committed to creating timeless jewellery pieces that will make a statement, reflect your personality, and help you stand out among the crowd. For our team at Dahabi, jewellery is more than just body embellishment. It is a form of self-expression and an opportunity to bring a smile to the faces of our customers.

We view each jewellery piece as a real work of art, with its unique style and design. We offer it all, from everyday pieces to statement jewellery for special occasions.

We deliver top-quality products made from premium materials to achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction.

We believe that even quality jewellery can be made affordable: we offer a selection of gold plated and sterling silver items that don’t break the bank.

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online jewellery company
Our Jewellery Products

Our highly-specialised expertise in the jewellery industry allows us to make stunning jewellery pieces that will match any style and suit any occasion. Whether it be a minimalist ring or a dainty bracelet, or more elaborate chandelier earrings, – our products will tirelessly serve you for many years to come.

Classic Pieces

Gold Plated Jewellery

Nothing can compare to the shimmering beauty of solid gold jewellery. While its elegance is difficult to deny, solid gold comes with a hefty price tag, – and cheaper alternatives rarely have the same luxurious feel that solid gold does. Luckily, with our high-quality 14K, 16K, or 18K gold plated jewellery, you can get the best of both worlds. At Dahabi, we have worked restlessly until we created a product that combines the gorgeous appearance of gold jewellery with a more budget-friendly price point.

Of course, our gold plated products are not made entirely from solid gold, – instead, they are chemically plated with a thick layer of 14K, 16K, or 18K gold. The result? Jewellery that looks and feels just like its solid gold counterpart, but is considerably more affordable. Enjoy our selection of durable, elegant, and pocket-friendly gold plated jewellery.

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online jewellery company
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Unlike any other jewellery items, earrings are worn right next to our faces. As such, the right earrings can truly elevate your appearance, while wrong ones – completely destroy your outfit. Contemporary earrings come in a broad selection of styles, sizes, and materials, which makes them incredibly versatile. Whether you decide to go for simple studs or large ornate chandelier earrings, minimalist solid gold earrings or fully embellished ones, earrings from Dahabi won’t leave anyone indifferent.

At our online store, you can browse a broad selection of premium-quality earrings to reflect any style, match any outfit, and suit any occasion.


With the right necklace, even the most minimalist outfit can be turned into a well-planned look. The right necklace can complement formal appearance, highlight casual style, and help you stand out from the crowd. With carefully-crafted necklaces from Dahabi Jewellery, you can easily make a fashion statement with a single piece of jewellery, so that you feel confident wherever you go.

At Dahabi Jewellery online store, we have rounded up a huge array of unique necklaces in a broad range of styles, lengths, and materials. From perfect layering pieces to single statement necklaces, we’ve got it all!

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online jewellery company


The role of a ring goes well beyond traditional jewellery. In addition to serving as body embellishment, rings can symbolise love and devotion, be passed down from generation to generation, or be used to make a fashion statement. Trendy or classical, elegant or contemporary, men’s and women’s rings from Dahabi Jewellery come in a virtually endless selection of styles ideal for every life situation.

At Dahabi, we carry a wide range of rings for both men and women, suitable for any possible life occasion. Whether you are planning to propose to your loved one or are looking for a new vintage-looking family heirloom, we can help.


Bracelets are among the oldest forms of fashion accessory, – humans have worn bracelets for centuries to demonstrate their wealth or communicate other important messages. Today, bracelets still remain among the most popular jewellery types, often used to make a statement about one’s style. Whether you want to stay elegant with a classical chain bracelet or are ready to gold bold with large cuffs, Dahabi Jewellery has all you need in one place.

In our online store, we offer a giant selection of high-quality bracelets in a variety of styles and materials. From contemporary charm bracelets to classical tennis bracelets, you can find something just for your taste.

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Dahabi Jewellery: A Gift of Artistry

Jewellery is a real one-size-fits-all present. It is the perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, and engagement; and it is the perfect gift for wives, mothers, and daughters alike. With Dahabi online jewellery store, you can find something special for your loved ones without sacrificing either price or quality.

Competitive Prices

We are firm believers that high-quality jewellery shouldn’t be made inaccessible to the general population. Our products are competitively priced and include more affordable options, such as sterling silver or 18K gold plated jewellery.

Unique Design

At Dahabi, we stay hand-in-hand with modern trends and fashion. Of course, we carry an array of classical shapes and elegant styles, - but we equally love our selection of contemporary bold shapes that will help you make a statement.

Endless Selection

At our online store, you can find hundreds of jewellery items for any occasion. Shop earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets and choose between solid gold, sterling silver, or 18K gold plated items… The possibilities are endless!

Unparalleled Durability

Competitive prices don’t mean we have to sacrifice quality. All of our jewellery products are professionally crafted from highest-quality materials and with highest-grade gemstones to ensure that your purchase will serve you for years to come.